To get your driver’s license switched to Oklahoma:
If you have an out-of-state license and it has not expired, you may be able to convert your license without taking a written or road test. You will need to take a primary form of identification and a secondary form of identification to the Department of Public Safety (DPS).

Your primary can only be a:
• Birth certificate or
• Passport

Your secondary can be any number of things including your out of state license.  Call DPS at 405-341-4930 or go to this link to see if your secondary document is acceptable.

Take these to the Department of Public Safety at 28 E Main in downtown Edmond. They will put your information into the state’s computers and give you a DL-10 form. You may then bring that form and your identification to Broadway Tag Agency to have your new license printed. We are south of the Department of Public Safety on the Broadway Extension.

To get your vehicles switched to Oklahoma:

• Obtain vehicle insurance from a company licensed to do business in Oklahoma.
• Take your proof of insurance, your original out-of-state title and your vehicle to Broadway Tag Agency. (If the out of state title is currently in the possession of an out-of-state lien holder, bring your current registration and your lien holders’ name and address.)
• If you cannot bring your vehicle to Broadway Tag Agency at the time you transfer your title and registration, you may bring it back at another time. Please note, you will not receive your Oklahoma title until a VIN inspection (vehicle identification number and mileage inspection) is done on your vehicle. VIN verification is required for all USED motor vehicles coming into the state of Oklahoma.
• If you are making payments to a lien holder, you will not receive an Oklahoma title until your lien is paid off. Oklahoma is not a title holding state, but you must turn in your other state title to get an Oklahoma title. No vehicle can be titled in two states at the same time.
• In the state of Oklahoma a motor vehicle is required by law to be registered within 30 days of setting up residence. Registering your motor vehicle goes hand in hand with the titling process. Oklahoma does not register vehicles without titling them.