Are you getting ready to sell your car, motorcycle, or boat?

If you are the current owner, you will need to sign your title where it says “Seller.”  If there are multiple owners, only one person needs to sign if the word “or” is in between the names.  For example, if the title says, “John Smith or Jane Smith,” then either John or Jane may sign the title.  If the title has the word “and” between the names, such as, “John Smith and Jane Smith,” then both parties must be present to sign the title.

In the state of Oklahoma, this must be done in front of a notary public.  We have notaries at Broadway Tag Agency, or you can usually find one at your bank. **Do not sign your title before you see the notary! Their signature and stamp says that they actually saw you sign the document. If you sign it ahead of time, you will have to get a brand new title and start over.** Once the notary puts his or her seal on the title and dates it, your buyer has exactly 30 days to come to a tag agency and have the title put into their name. If they do not complete this within the 30 days, they will start accruing penalty. It would be wise not to have your title notarized until you have found a buyer, otherwise you may have a difficult time giving someone your title if it already is accruing penalty.

If you are selling your car, motorcycle, or boat and have lost your title, you can apply for a duplicate in person at Broadway Tag Agency, or order one on this Web site by going to the Forms page.  The cost is $12.00 for a car or motorcycle title and $3.25 for a boat or motor title.  You should get your new title in the mail in 3-5 days.  Your car/motorcycle/boat stickers need to be up to date to get a new title, or you will have to renew them at the same time.

If you are selling to a stranger or someone you do not know very well, you may be interested in filing a notice of transfer form.  Please read below to see if this applies to you.

 Notice of Transfer Instructions

If you are selling a car, motorcycle, boat, or mobile home, the notice of transfer is an optional form for you to use to protect yourself.  You could be held liable if the new buyer does not transfer the title into their name and then they get parking tickets, toll violations, etc.  By filing a notice of transfer, there will be a flag in the computer saying that the object has been sold so that the new buyer cannot purchase tags or complete other transactions without first transferring the title into their name.

Click on the link below for Notice of Transfer form and instructions: